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Ask Amy outraged that married sisters don’t include tag along divorcée

As I’ve mentioned before after the initial empowerment fades divorced women tend to find themselves excluded from their previous social networks.  Married women tend to prefer to socialize with other married women.  Since marriage confers status on women (which divorcées … Continue reading

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Why isn’t Carl good enough?

I’ve joked in the past that it can be impossible to tell the difference between Traditional Conservatives and Feminists, but a Slate DoubleX article on women deliberately choosing single motherhood quoted by Steve Sailer and Vox Day has me rethinking this. Theoretical Opposites: … Continue reading

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She was trying to fix* men.

Jenny Erikson writes in Dear Mr. Unavailable … (H/T Aaron the Just): I always thought I could fix you, Mr. Unavailable. That if I were patient enough, loving enough, kind enough, smart enough, enough enough, you would suddenly and magically transform into … Continue reading

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Jenny Erikson is trapped!  No, not in an unhappy marriage.  That is stage 4 in having it all.  Please try to keep up.  Jenny is currently in stage 5, moving quickly to stage 6: 5:  Is forced to divorce the … Continue reading

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Soothing words for the unrepentant baby mama.

Christian mommyblogger Jenny Erikson is furious that her pastor first ruined the surprise she had in store for her husband and then called her out on her sin, but she is understandably delighted with blogger Matt Walsh.  Yesterday Ms. Erikson tweeted (H/T … Continue reading

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