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Frigidity and power.

With as much as has been written about the sex denial spreadsheet, one aspect I haven’t seen addressed is the issue of power and how the fear of losing power was a core motivating factor for the women involved.  This … Continue reading

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Bad Grandpa Solipsism.

Bad Grandpa is Johnny Knoxville doing a Jackass skit extended to a feature film.  I’ve coded the video to start at 1 minute 11 seconds where they start discussing the bed he is selling.  Note that if you choose to start … Continue reading

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A most impressive trail of wreckage in her wake.

Vox Day has a post up this morning about a female CEO who suffered from a problem with no name and ended up wiping out both her own savings and $640k of investor capital.  But don’t worry, she isn’t taking it … Continue reading

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Solipsism as a religious experience.

The UK equivalent of the Girl Scouts recently decided to change their vow, replacing “love my God” with “be true to myself and develop my beliefs”.  As the BBC explains this is not the first change for girls to that … Continue reading

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What is the domestic violence industry really about?

The Daily Beast has an article by Philip W. Cook titled In Cases of Domestic Violence, Men Are Also Victims (H/T Dr. Helen).  Cook explains that despite the perception crafted by domestic violence advocacy groups, women commit domestic violence as often if … Continue reading

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