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The sin of modern Christian men

In my last post I waved a bit of red meat in front of the crowd before explaining what was going on.  Many of the readers never got that image of the juicy steak out of their minds and were … Continue reading

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Brilliant advertising.

Viva La Manosphere highlighted a Barbarossaa post today with a new (to me) man up video featuring Pastor Mark Driscoll and Bill Bennett.  These guys are the all stars of the man up brigade, so it was impressive to see both of … Continue reading

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The morality of marriage 2.0

“Clue” on Yahoo Answers asks:  Is it considered cheating if I divorce my husband to date another man? I met a man 5 months ago and we are good friends, nothing sexual, I do not allow this to happen b/c … Continue reading

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Rebuilding the mound

Once you understand the nature of the fire ant colony you can provoke them in relative safety.  The fierce response to any disturbance of the mound is entirely predictable.  The ants simply have no choice in the matter.  Poke the … Continue reading

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A Tale of Two Beaches

Beach #1 Mrs. Yes makes it a point to be warm and inviting whenever her husband storms her beach.  He is always welcomed with a kiss and a lei. Beach #2 Field Marshal Gregoire has erected a few obstacles for … Continue reading

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