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Commitment issues.

The dominant, unchallenged narrative is that men have problems with commitment, while women are naturally inclined to commit for life.  Yet the difference between the dominant narrative and reality couldn’t be more stark.  Women in the western world are obsessed with … Continue reading

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A bridge too far.

The Dalrock research department* brought the latest divorce empowerment movie to my attention: My first thought was that we are due for another epic divorce fantasy (courtesy of Oprah of course), with Eat Pray Love showing its age.  On the … Continue reading

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Put your faith in divorce.

In the discussion of the last post Cail noted what seems to be a non sequitur in the priest’s reply: I commented on this on the other thread before I realized you’d started a new one from it, so I’ll … Continue reading

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ROCD: A clinical case of the Whispers.

Business Insider has a new article today titled How To Know If You Have The New Condition Called ‘Relationship OCD’.  The article suggests the problem is rare, but what they are describing sounds like a clinical version of something I call the whispers, … Continue reading

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It would be immoral *not* to blow up her family.

Bell has a difficult marriage and turned to Yahoo Answers for advice:  I want out I can’t take him any longer? We have been to counseling and he stopped going. He refuses to go back. He has an attitude most … Continue reading

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