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It would be immoral *not* to blow up her family.

Bell has a difficult marriage and turned to Yahoo Answers for advice:  I want out I can’t take him any longer? We have been to counseling and he stopped going. He refuses to go back. He has an attitude most … Continue reading

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Advanced divorce sales…

Valentines Day edition. See Also: A Beginners Guide to Selling Divorce. Intermediate guide to selling divorce; overcoming women’s better judgment.

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In the discussion of Grannies gone wild! newly arrived worker ant Just Asking noticed that something was amiss with the anthill and immediately set about rebuilding it: Why do you people spend so much of your life discussing things that really … Continue reading

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Grannies gone wild!

Key to the process of selling divorce is convincing women that their romantic prospects don’t really decline with age.  We could easily cut the divorce rate in half if the reality opposing this ubiquitous myth was understood.  However, outside the … Continue reading

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How to undermine your parents’ marriage for fun and drama.

Very often the whispers come from within your own family.  Sometimes they come from mothers to daughters, and other times they come from daughters to mothers.  “She” at Yahoo Answers Marriage and Divorce shows us how it is done with … Continue reading

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