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Not the real stepdad.

Not new, but new to me from the Onion:  You’re Not My Real Stepdad! You’re not the boss of me. You’re not the guy who married my mom after she got divorced. You think you can just show up and … Continue reading

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Call the Kendrick brothers!

I think we’ve found the script for the sequel to Fireproof. Empathologism shares a lesson to Christian husbands in his post The reverse nuclear option, the submissive Christian wife.  The lesson is from Dennis Rainey’s FamilyLife, and opens with a quote … Continue reading

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Brilliant advertising.

Viva La Manosphere highlighted a Barbarossaa post today with a new (to me) man up video featuring Pastor Mark Driscoll and Bill Bennett.  These guys are the all stars of the man up brigade, so it was impressive to see both of … Continue reading

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To the heroes of Father’s Day.

Today being Father’s Day I thought I’d break my blogging hiatus to honor the real heroes of the holiday. I’m sure you already know who I’m thinking about.  That’s right, single mothers.  I’m not talking about widows or the rare … Continue reading

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The morality of marriage 2.0

“Clue” on Yahoo Answers asks:  Is it considered cheating if I divorce my husband to date another man? I met a man 5 months ago and we are good friends, nothing sexual, I do not allow this to happen b/c … Continue reading

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