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The more meager a woman’s choices, the more attractive she must be.

Over at the throwaway post that keeps on giving, new commenter Deborah explains that since attractive men aren’t messaging her, women must have the SMP advantage as they age (emphasis mine): My husband and my marriage has been over a little … Continue reading

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Single men with jobs are becoming a scarce commodity.

The new Pew study has gotten a great deal of attention. Suddenly everyone is noticing that as women continue to delay marriage their prospects are getting less rosy. One finding which should come as no surprise (but nevertheless surprised many) … Continue reading

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A tragic tale of strippers, hamsters, thugs, and baby mommas.

Lisa Fogerty at Cafe Mom spins a mother thinking with her genitals as an act of kindness: But plenty of women make that call to get involved with men who aren’t law-abiding citizens. Some of them are able to see … Continue reading

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Slutting made her a better Christian.

Dianna Anderson at The Frisky explains how rejecting sexual morality makes her more moral in Girl Talk: What Losing My Virginity Taught Me About Faith This also isn’t a conversion story of how losing my virginity made me realize how … Continue reading

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Is God telling her to divorce?

A young woman turns to the experts at the Ask an Apologist section of Catholic Answers Forum to make sure an evil voice isn’t leading her to sin: Would our heavenly Father give signs to file for divorce? (H/T Daniel … Continue reading

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