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Yiayia wouldn’t approve

In Repackaging feminism as Christian wisdom I pointed out that our great grandmothers understood the nature of women’s temptation to sin.  What is fascinating is we know this, even though we have forgotten what our great grandmothers knew.  There is a kind … Continue reading

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Bad Grandpa Solipsism.

Bad Grandpa is Johnny Knoxville doing a Jackass skit extended to a feature film.  I’ve coded the video to start at 1 minute 11 seconds where they start discussing the bed he is selling.  Note that if you choose to start … Continue reading

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Bad dog!

For that you must marry a divorcée.

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Beta Orbiter Conversation Hearts

Courtesy of The Atlanta Banana

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She sensed a disturbance in the mound.

A few weeks back a comment came up for moderation on Romance 101: How to stop frustrating your wife.  The commenter’s handle was “you are all idiots”, and she explained that I’ve gotten it all wrong: Hi, as a married female I’d … Continue reading

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