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Call the Kendrick brothers!

I think we’ve found the script for the sequel to Fireproof. Empathologism shares a lesson to Christian husbands in his post The reverse nuclear option, the submissive Christian wife.  The lesson is from Dennis Rainey’s FamilyLife, and opens with a quote … Continue reading

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Single mothers and the failure of Christian men; it is time to Man Up!

I pointed out in Light years closer to God that Christian men are failing women, and the primary failure is their unwillingness to confront the mass feminist rebellion.  As a man calling out other men is easy.  It feels brave, like you … Continue reading

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The Book of Oprah

Note:  This post contains Fireproof plot spoilers. Previously I’ve written that most churches speak like Christ and act like Oprah when it comes to divorce.  The reality is even worse than that, because when it comes to marriage across the … Continue reading

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How Fireproof lowers the boom.

Several commenters to my post Lowering the boom asked if I could elaborate on my statement that what Joel and Kathy were describing was actually the plot of the movie Fireproof.  Since the plot is discussed in detail below you won’t … Continue reading

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Reframing Christian marriage part 4: judging the performance.

Christian wives have been taught to see their role in biblical marriage primarily as a judge of their husband’s obligation to love them as Christ loved the church.  This is as I showed in the beginning of the series essential … Continue reading

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