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Yiayia wouldn’t approve

In Repackaging feminism as Christian wisdom I pointed out that our great grandmothers understood the nature of women’s temptation to sin.  What is fascinating is we know this, even though we have forgotten what our great grandmothers knew.  There is a kind … Continue reading

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Christian blank slatism.

I started this as a comment in the discussion of my previous post.  However, given the difficulty many had spotting the problem with Walsh’s framing I think this is worth pulling out as a separate post. There is a sort of … Continue reading

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Is marriage just a piece of paper?

Empathologism has an excellent post up dissecting a FamilyLife/Dennis Rainey memo on marriage.  See the link for Empath’s post and the ensuing discussion, but what struck me about the FamilyLife piece is how utterly devoid it is of a sense of … Continue reading

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Why are modern Christians so delighted with current divorce rates?

There is an article from the Christian Post making the rounds which has modern Christians giddy:  Author Debunks Myths About Divorce Rates, Including of Churchgoers.  The article and the book it promotes The Good News About Marriage: Debunking Discouraging Myths … Continue reading

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Why isn’t Carl good enough?

I’ve joked in the past that it can be impossible to tell the difference between Traditional Conservatives and Feminists, but a Slate DoubleX article on women deliberately choosing single motherhood quoted by Steve Sailer and Vox Day has me rethinking this. Theoretical Opposites: … Continue reading

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