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Radio Silence and Dread.

Vox has weighed in on the sex denial spreadsheet that has gone viral with his post Mortification Game: The fact is that she’s feeling incredibly humiliated and defensive. And since in women, defensive crouches are followed by instinctively sexual responses, … Continue reading

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Headship Game.

With our recent discussion on the appropriate use of Game for Christian men, I thought it would be helpful to offer some detail on how this can be done.  I’ve titled this Headship Game, and as the title suggests this … Continue reading

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How Christians can take credit for Game.

In a recent exchange at Zippy Catholic, Alte and Elspeth discussed the controversy over teaching Christian husbands “Game” (emphasis mine): Elspeth: When my husband “negs” me, or any of the other little pieces I’ve read here and there that are … Continue reading

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The Rational Male, now in book form.

Rollo Tomassi has his new book available on Createspace, and on Amazon.  Rollo has been patiently and expertly explaining the SMP to men for free for over a decade, and he has taken all of those years of experience and … Continue reading

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She sensed a disturbance in the mound.

A few weeks back a comment came up for moderation on Romance 101: How to stop frustrating your wife.  The commenter’s handle was “you are all idiots”, and she explained that I’ve gotten it all wrong: Hi, as a married female I’d … Continue reading

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