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Five years of keeping her happy proves David Swindle is a better man than you.

Dr Helen has been exchanging posts with PJ Media Associate Editor David Swindle about the famous sex excuse spreadsheet.  Swindle expresses contempt for the frustrated husband whose wife made their private life public: I have absolutely ZERO SYMPATHY WHATSOEVER for this … Continue reading

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Escoffier on Modernity

During the discussion of Worse than fear. Worse than malice. Escoffier offered an outstanding explanation of our modern sense of moral progress.  This was worthy of a stand alone post, and Novaseeker has been kind enough to create one for it:  Escoffier on … Continue reading

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Worse than fear. Worse than malice.

In the discussion of my last post Gunner Q suggested that the reason modern Christians don’t support biblical marriage is due to fear: Perhaps the answer is that modern Christians just can’t accept the consequences of fighting no-fault divorce. Bucking the … Continue reading

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From the UK based The Marriage Foundation publication Divorce rates have halved for new brides. Why?: Because it is almost entirely the reduction of wife-granted divorces concentrated into the early years of marriage that accounts for the overall 22% reduction in divorce … Continue reading

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These fathers need a wake-up call.

Christian movie makers are tired of sitting on the sidelines while the popular culture destroys the family.  Why can’t they get in on the action too? See Cane Caldo’s expert takedown of the latest “Christian” assault on married fathers.  If … Continue reading

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