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The ugly feminist alternative to Barbie.

Feminists have long complained about the unrealistic proportions of Barbie dolls, and Lammily was introduced to offer girls a realistic doll to play with. Now Lammily doll owners can make their feminist dolls even uglier, with Lammily Marks: Includes: Cellulite, … Continue reading

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Fragile Feminism

Senior Editor and cofounder of The Verge Chris Plante explains the extreme fragility of feminist progress.  One man wearing the wrong shirt can bring the whole system down: This is the sort of casual misogyny that stops women from entering certain … Continue reading

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Chick logic.

Professor Patricia O’Brien argues at The Washington Post that women shouldn’t be incarcerated because it isn’t fair that men are more likely to go to prison than women.  From We should stop putting women in jail. For anything. The argument is … Continue reading

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Full of sound and fury.

Mommyish has a post by a woman* who complains about all of the nice things people do for her.  This kind of feminist ugliness is pretty standard stuff, but her explanation of why people don’t need to protect her from convicts or walk her … Continue reading

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Glenn Reynolds teaches women not to rape.

Several commenters have taken me to task for the ostensible naivety of the title of my post Teach women not to lie about rape.  For those who didn’t understand the title, feminists have rejected any advice to women on avoiding rape as part … Continue reading

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