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Rationalizing sluttery as a path to marriage.

Meet Kristina from Rolling Stone’s Tales From the Millennials’ Sexual Revolution: …she doesn’t want to date; she wants to have sex, which thanks to the fact that she is cute and vivacious, she seems to do quite frequently. “My friends and … Continue reading

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How to spot a player.

A frequent question in the sphere is how to help young women spot a player.  The answer is he will be that perfect boyfriend she has been searching for.  Laura Fraser at Marie Claire describes the experience (H/T Vox & … Continue reading

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Who loves best?

Women are utterly incapable of loving a man in the way that a man expects to be loved. –Iron Rule of Tomassi #6 Rollo Tomassi’s writing on how women love has generated a good deal of controversy in the manosphere. … Continue reading

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Their open marriages are threatening her serial monogamy.

Jenny Erikson worries that some parents aren’t doing promiscuity the right way, and as a result they are creating the wrong kind of chaos for their children: Of course promises get broken, but how can you raise children in such chaos … Continue reading

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Option A or option B?

When preparing for my last post I came across an interview of Kate Bolick by Edith Zimmerman at The Hairpin:  Kate Bolick on Refusing to Settle (Part One).  Zimmerman describes two options for dating and family formation (emphasis mine): …for people who … Continue reading

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