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The Sexual Revolution’s Arab Spring.

There is a naive celebration by many conservatives of California’s new Yes Means Yes law.  The theory is that unleashing a feminist jihad of false rape punishment will somehow end the sexual revolution, bringing us back to either Victorian or Puritan … Continue reading

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How “Yes Means Yes” fuels the hookup culture.

Commenter theasdgamer asked how Yes Means Yes is intended to grease the skids of hookup culture for women.  This is a crucial question, because conservatives are tempted to assume the law will greatly constrict the hookup culture, as Heather Mac … Continue reading

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Making the world safe for foolish promiscuous women.

I stumbled on a recent piece by Ezra Klein at Vox titled “Yes Means Yes” is a terrible law, and I completely support it.  It is a remarkably frank discussion of California’s new law defining how universities which receive state … Continue reading

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A woman’s work is never done.

The indignities of marriage never stop piling up for feminists.  On top of being trapped in boring drudgery, Kelsey McKinney explains at Vox (the other Vox) that Obama’s latest bit of male groveling insidiously forces wives to train their husbands.  Clearly now … Continue reading

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Why we don’t need Sanger: Give the rebellious wife what she demands or the baby gets it!

Margaret Sanger is long gone, but her life’s work of fomenting feminist rebellion remains alive and well.  We don’t need Sanger, because we have (collectively) taken up the mantle of her and her pioneering colleagues.  Feminist rebellion is now a … Continue reading

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