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Full of sound and fury.

Mommyish has a post by a woman* who complains about all of the nice things people do for her.  This kind of feminist ugliness is pretty standard stuff, but her explanation of why people don’t need to protect her from convicts or walk her … Continue reading

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How “Yes Means Yes” fuels the hookup culture.

Commenter theasdgamer asked how Yes Means Yes is intended to grease the skids of hookup culture for women.  This is a crucial question, because conservatives are tempted to assume the law will greatly constrict the hookup culture, as Heather Mac … Continue reading

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Exploding 50 something pregnant women.

Drudge had a link today titled “More women waiting until 50 to have children…”.  The article it points to is from, titled 51 and pregnant: Tracey Kahn is a successful publicist. She is single, lives in a beautiful apartment … Continue reading

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Hold my beer

and watch this. Note the “like” counts for Proud Single Moms and I Love My Husband at the bottom of the article.  Edit:  The counts appear to be cumulative for the respective Facebook pages, and not specific to this one article.

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He came to teach.

Commenter Know How isn’t yet married, but this didn’t stop him from explaining that I and others have it all wrong in his response to my post Romance 101: How to stop frustrating your wife. As with another recent comment in … Continue reading

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