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Hold my beer

and watch this. Note the “like” counts for Proud Single Moms and I Love My Husband at the bottom of the article.  Edit:  The counts appear to be cumulative for the respective Facebook pages, and not specific to this one article.

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He came to teach.

Commenter Know How isn’t yet married, but this didn’t stop him from explaining that I and others have it all wrong in his response to my post Romance 101: How to stop frustrating your wife. As with another recent comment in … Continue reading

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Empowerment turned demotion.

Blogger Michele Zipp at Cafe Mom confirms the status marker marriage serves for women in 5 Reasons ‘Boyfriend’ Is the Worst Word for Divorcees: 3. It feels like a demotion. The word “boyfriend” feels juvenile. “Fiance” feels snooty. “Husband” feels accomplished. … Continue reading

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Women’s morphing need for male investment.

In a previous post I discussed the importance of male investment in women’s intrasexual status competition.  This investment can range from the validation which comes from being selected for a one one time hookup, all the way to the very … Continue reading

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Spinster Anthem

I promised Opus a post on how the status of marriage (or lack thereof) changes for women as they age*.  I hope to write that up this weekend, but in the interim this should lighten things up and fill the … Continue reading

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