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If it was a snake, it would have bitten them.

CNN Money has a new article up claiming that men with children magically earn more than childless men (H/T Sunshine Mary):  It pays to be a dad Dads had a median salary of $49,000 compared to around $29,000 for men … Continue reading

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Selling sin.

Recently a self described conservative Christian mother of 5 came to scold me for criticizing the Christian Broadcasting Network’s endorsement of actress Janine Turner’s book praising single mothers: I encountered your blog because I had found Janine Turner’s book in my church … Continue reading

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Fewer men are working, and marriage is dying.

The Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis has the following handy chart showing the long decline in men’s employment in the US (shaded areas represent recessions): During this same time period the strength of marriage as an institution has declined as well. … Continue reading

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Why we don’t need Sanger: Give the rebellious wife what she demands or the baby gets it!

Margaret Sanger is long gone, but her life’s work of fomenting feminist rebellion remains alive and well.  We don’t need Sanger, because we have (collectively) taken up the mantle of her and her pioneering colleagues.  Feminist rebellion is now a … Continue reading

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The woman rebel.

Several commenters have objected to my connecting Margaret Sanger’s radio program with the larger feminist movement.  Bluedog has a long and complicated explanation involving class which is specific to the one woman Sanger ostensibly was talking to.  New commenter openidname struggles … Continue reading

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