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The Great Douchebag Mystery has a piece up titled How Sad Young Douchebags Took Over Modern Britain (H/T Captain Capitalism).  In the piece the author struggles to identify why the culture of young men has changed in recent years: But while it’s easy to scorn … Continue reading

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2013 never married data.

The 2013 Census data came out today, and Han Solo at Just Four Guys has already made good use of it.  My initial take is that the trends we have seen over the last few years may be leveling off … Continue reading

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Is there a “shortage” of single fathers?

Captain Capitalism found an article on eHarmony titled 15 Reasons to Date a Single Mom. The fifteen reasons boil down to various ways of stating that single moms are easy, they will mother you, and you get to have fun with … Continue reading

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Is Europe proof that intact families don’t really matter?

Introverted Playboy made the following statement over at Just Four Guys as part of a larger argument that marriage no longer matters: European countries today have even lower marriage rates than the US. I think something like 80% of Swedish children are born … Continue reading

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Good stuff.

Likely the fastest growing Game site in the Manosphere, Just Four Guys has a new post up reworking the never married data I shared here.  I haven’t gone through the numbers close enough to vouch for them, but I think you … Continue reading

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