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If it was a snake, it would have bitten them.

CNN Money has a new article up claiming that men with children magically earn more than childless men (H/T Sunshine Mary):  It pays to be a dad Dads had a median salary of $49,000 compared to around $29,000 for men … Continue reading

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More remarriage rate charts.

There was a problem with the time scaling of the remarriage rate chart in my last post. Here is the fixed version:   I also decided to take another look at the data in the NCFMR paper I used for this … Continue reading

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Fewer men are working, and marriage is dying.

The Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis has the following handy chart showing the long decline in men’s employment in the US (shaded areas represent recessions): During this same time period the strength of marriage as an institution has declined as well. … Continue reading

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Single men with jobs are becoming a scarce commodity.

The new Pew study has gotten a great deal of attention. Suddenly everyone is noticing that as women continue to delay marriage their prospects are getting less rosy. One finding which should come as no surprise (but nevertheless surprised many) … Continue reading

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Exploding 50 something pregnant women.

Drudge had a link today titled “More women waiting until 50 to have children…”.  The article it points to is from, titled 51 and pregnant: Tracey Kahn is a successful publicist. She is single, lives in a beautiful apartment … Continue reading

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