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How Christians can take credit for Game.

In a recent exchange at Zippy Catholic, Alte and Elspeth discussed the controversy over teaching Christian husbands “Game” (emphasis mine): Elspeth: When my husband “negs” me, or any of the other little pieces I’ve read here and there that are … Continue reading

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Child support and the threat point.

In the discussion of a recent post the history of the term “threat point” came up.  While I’ve used the term and explained how the family courts are being deliberately used to destabilize marriages for feminist ends, I can’t take … Continue reading

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As expected.

Several commenters have expressed disbelief at my prediction that we will see a (generally low key) movement to curtail the worst abuses of the family court.  Honestly this isn’t a bold prediction on my part.  I’m only predicting more of … Continue reading

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Soothing words for the unrepentant baby mama.

Christian mommyblogger Jenny Erikson is furious that her pastor first ruined the surprise she had in store for her husband and then called her out on her sin, but she is understandably delighted with blogger Matt Walsh.  Yesterday Ms. Erikson tweeted (H/T … Continue reading

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Advice from an expert (on failing as a husband).

Be afraid, be very afraid. This is the advice to husbands from modern Christian leaders.  Where the Bible stresses headship and that our marriage vows bind us for life, the modern Christian leader has fully embraced the threatpoint feminists have … Continue reading

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