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A modern day Cyrano for a modern day Roxane.

H/T Private Man  LSFW   Related: The Great Douchebag Mystery The Bard’s Betas

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How men could make themselves useful to Katarina Kroslakova.

How could you make yourself more useful to Katarina Kroslakova while she is traveling on business? Katarina spells it out: Quit hitting on me and help me out Has anyone ever helped pop my bag up into the overhead compartment? … Continue reading

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The elevation of romantic love and the wisdom of a beta orbiter.

Since my last post I’ve poked around a bit on James Russell Lingerfelt’s blog love story from the male perspective.  The title of the blog itself gives a great deal away, starting with him referring to himself as a male and … Continue reading

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A proper dressing down for unchivalrous men.

Somewhere in the world a woman is upset!  What are you as lazy men doing to fix this? Sorry for being so harsh, but you men need to hear this.  I know I do.  For example, just the other day … Continue reading

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What we need is more chivalry!

Brendan/Novaseeker made an insightful comment a while back describing what he sees as the core disagreement between the manosphere and non manosphere “traditionalists”: Actually I think the basis of it is that social conservatives and, to an even greater degree, … Continue reading

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