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Stepping away

I’m turning on moderation so I can step away for a week or two.

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The Great Douchebag Mystery has a piece up titled How Sad Young Douchebags Took Over Modern Britain (H/T Captain Capitalism).  In the piece the author struggles to identify why the culture of young men has changed in recent years: But while it’s easy to scorn … Continue reading

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Rolling back the odometer

The AFP explains how Tunisian women are suffering the injustice of having to trick men into marriage after they tire of riding the carousel:  Social pressures force Tunisia women to fake virginity …she was forced into it by “the hypocrisy … Continue reading

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Where have all the good earners gone?

The WSJ is perplexed.  The Unemployment Puzzle: Where Have All the Workers Gone? No doubt there is more than one answer to this question, but our forfeiting the patriarchal dividend has to be a factor.

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Rationalizing sluttery as a path to marriage.

Meet Kristina from Rolling Stone’s Tales From the Millennials’ Sexual Revolution: …she doesn’t want to date; she wants to have sex, which thanks to the fact that she is cute and vivacious, she seems to do quite frequently. “My friends and … Continue reading

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