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It’s hard on her, but not on her kids.

YourTango has a post titled 11 Things Single Parents Don’t Want To Hear.  Note the euphemism “single parent” when what they really mean is “single mother”.  The stigma against single mothers is clearly creeping back, and this will only accelerate. Number … Continue reading

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Glenn Reynolds teaches women not to rape.

Several commenters have taken me to task for the ostensible naivety of the title of my post Teach women not to lie about rape.  For those who didn’t understand the title, feminists have rejected any advice to women on avoiding rape as part … Continue reading

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Teach women not to lie about rape. has story about a woman who claimed a New Mexico police officer sexually assaulted her when he arrested her for a DUI.  Fortunately for the officer he was wearing a lapel cam and the video exonerated him.  Still, you can … Continue reading

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Explaining the compulsion.

Commenter InnocentBystanderBoston asks why feminists are so intent on marking video games as feminine: I don’t understand why feminist women want to be part of the world of “gaming.” It just doesn’t make much sense to me. Gaming is purely … Continue reading

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Trading places.

Elissa Strauss at The Week is distressed by a recent Chanel No. 5 extended commercial.  Strauss is troubled that “having it all” has gone terribly wrong.  In the commercial the wife is the new husband, surfing powerful waves while her … Continue reading

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