Teach women not to lie about rape.

Policemag.com has story about a woman who claimed a New Mexico police officer sexually assaulted her when he arrested her for a DUI.  Fortunately for the officer he was wearing a lapel cam and the video exonerated him.  Still, you can hear the concern in his voice when life ruining charges were made against him.  This is serious business, as the president of the Albuquerque Police Department union explained:

The desire to frame officers for wrongdoing is a growing issue facing officers every day. We believe that the public should be held accountable for filing false reports against police officers. These incidents can be very damaging to an officer’s career, so we hope that this individual and others face appropriate consequences for their malicious actions.

The Blaze followed up on the same story and learned that charges won’t be filed because a false accuser of sexual assault isn’t fundamentally different than a real victim:

…despite the apparent falsehood of her sexual assault claim, police did not want to set a precedent that could discourage other potential victims of sexual assault from coming forward.

Taken at face value this suggests that women can’t tell the difference between making a false claim and making a real one.  But if women can’t tell the difference, how could we ever take any claim by women seriously?  This only makes sense when you consider what feminists are already telling us;  they don’t just want to stop real cases of rape and sexual assault, they want to create a culture where men are afraid of women.  For feminists rape isn’t about (forced) sex, it is about power.

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Explaining the compulsion.

Commenter InnocentBystanderBoston asks why feminists are so intent on marking video games as feminine:

I don’t understand why feminist women want to be part of the world of “gaming.” It just doesn’t make much sense to me. Gaming is purely competitive, entirely meritocracy based. There simply is no space for feminists and their reach for government oversite for authority to equalize the arena. Any attempt to do this means that all the other games simply exit that arena and choose another arena.

More to the point, these people are nerds. I know I was when I gamed. Feminists don’t want to be around nerds. All they want is resources provided by the nerds (by way of tax increases) that nerds must pay to government so the feminists can get their life of Julia.

Feminism at its core is envy of men and a desire to usurp their position. It would be difficult to overstate just how deep this feeling is. This isn’t just about the apex fallacy, it is about a deep desire to “be one of the guys”.  Any group of men getting together to create or enjoy anything will result in women wanting in. The only question is which category the women belong to. Some will want to try to experience the manly enjoyment/pride directly, and will take real steps to be (like) one of the guys. These are the ones who tend to defend the male space.  They don’t want it ruined because they want to experience it.  But others (a much larger group) will realize that they can’t actually experience this, and will then set out to stamp out what they can’t have.  The first category inadvertently paves the way for the second, assuming they don’t themselves shift priorities mid stream.

This is Eve’s curse played out over and over again.  If you don’t get this, you can’t really get what motivates feminists, nor why they will forever be miserable.

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Trading places.

Elissa Strauss at The Week is distressed by a recent Chanel No. 5 extended commercial.  Strauss is troubled that “having it all” has gone terribly wrong.  In the commercial the wife is the new husband, surfing powerful waves while her unhaaaapy husband (the new wife) frets over his unhappiness.  He decides to follow his heart and she has to give chase.  They don’t come right out and say it but I’m pretty sure it ends with the wife having to do a 40 day “dare” to prove her love and win his heart back from a sexy nurse:

Clearly the only thing more frightening to feminists than not getting what they demand is actually getting it.

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This far you may come and no farther.

With Gamergate, we may finally have found the line in the sand when it comes to how far men will allow feminists to go in eradicating male spaces.  As Social Justice Warrior (SJW) Brianna Wu explains at The Washington Post (H/T Vox):

Gamergate is ostensibly about journalistic ethics. Supporters say they want to address conflicts of interest between the people that make games and the people that support them. In reality, Gamergate is a group of gamers that are willing to destroy the women who have invaded their clubhouse.

SJW hyperbole aside, there is some truth to what she is saying.  At its core Gamergate is about gamers rejecting feminists and other SJWs who are trying to feminize their games.  The move to mark video games as feminine comes after a long series of capitulations.  In the eyes of feminists everything must be marked as feminine, from our nuclear submarines and special forces to the NFL.  And everywhere feminists have marched, men have capitulated.  That is everywhere but video games, as Wu explains:

For 30 years, video games have been designed by men, marketed to men and sold to men. It’s obvious to anyone outside the industry that video games have serious issues with the portrayal of women…

The consequence of this culture is male gamers have been trained to feel video games are their turf. In stopping Gamergate, the men who dominate it – not just women — must address the culture that created Gamergate.

Conservatives, especially Christian conservatives are quick to deride men who play video games as “Peter Pan manboys”.  However, gamers as a group have found the courage to stand up to feminism, and this kind of courage is something which so far Christians have been unable to muster.  Some things are too important to give up without a fight.  Perhaps if the gamers ultimately prevail, Christians will be inspired and decide that Christianity is also worth defending from the feminist onslaught.

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The more meager a woman’s choices, the more attractive she must be.

Over at the throwaway post that keeps on giving, new commenter Deborah explains that since attractive men aren’t messaging her, women must have the SMP advantage as they age (emphasis mine):

My husband and my marriage has been over a little over a year after he walked out and feel that I want to start dating again.  I keep my figure up, weigh 106 lbs, 5’3″ and put on my makeup and dress appropriately for my age of 57.

*But I have tried the “new type of dating” since I haven’t dated since 1979 and married in 1980, so I have signed up on 5 dating sites, some free, most not -JDate since I am Jewish, Match, OurTime for those over 50, OKCupid wihich is free and not Zoosk, which I am thinking I won’t sign up for a paid subscription.

Yes, I am lonely, and do love men, even though my husband hurt me deeply. But, when I look at the profile photos of the men on these dating sites, they turn my stomach, and feel these men have no idea just how bad they look, older than their years on their profile, fat, scruffy, and look like they have been road hard, put away wet, and don’t have a clue that most women who are my age, will not find them the least bit attractive, surely not to date. Most just look like they are narcissists, and self centered, and think us women want to go out with a fish, or boat or souped up car, because that is what these guys pose with and many don’t even smile on their profiles. Are their teeth rotten or do they just hate life? Not sure about any of this.

What I do know is I have more self esteem and want anyone I date to clean up their act too. These men, aver the age of 50, want us women to look good, even thin and sexy, but do they? Nope.

If you don’t believe me about these dating sites.sign up for one or two, create a profile, of yourself, and then sit back and watch and wait to see who sends you a wink or a message.  These men are also rude, crude and disrespectful of women, and think that we are devoid of having a brain, or carrying on a conversation. To even try and screen out some of the men that are NOT a fit for me at all, I put in my profile that I love the theater, the ballet, the arts, as most men on these dating sites wouldn’t know what a tutu is, or who Picasso is. LOL Too bad it’s so pathetic:(

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